Top 100 Career Blogs 2018

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Where will you go to when looking for the best career advice?

Career blogs right?

But not all career blogs are created equal. Some simply exist, others are so spectacular that they deserve a special award.

That is why we have created this great list of the top career blogs of 2018.  If you have been following them for a while now, you will realize they offer consistently amazing tips that can help any one start or grow their career. This blogs can help you build a great career in  2018 so bookmark this page and come back to reading the blogs.


At Jobsduck, a leading publisher of the latest jobs in nigeria today, is pleased to announce our list of the top career blogs of 2017. Congratulations to all our winners and here is a badge to show off your awards.


top 100 career blogs

Top 100 Best Career Blogs of 2017 and Beyond


  1. CareerMetis


CareerMetis is founded by Nissar Ahamed. The name, “metis,” which was gotten from Greek Mythology and loosely translated as skill or wisdom already gives an idea what the site is all about. It provides the reader with wise counsel on their career quest to help them shape their career or land their dream job.


  1. Simplyhired


Simplyhired is a known website focused on employment. It works by connecting employers with employees. The employers have the opportunity to post their jobs vacancy and get interested applicants. It also helps job seekers by bringing the job closer to them just at a click of a button.


  1. Career Ladder


As the name implies, it seeks to help job seekers climb the ladder of their careers. Founded by an HR entrepreneur, it is without a doubt an insight into the nitty-gritty of employment and career goals. The blog provides numerous articles and workshops put together by a team of experts that would help your journey to the peak of your chosen career.



  1. Monster


The blog helps both HR personnel or recruiters and job seekers by connecting them. It gives the list of job opportunities or vacancies of top companies to inform the job seeker and it also makes it easier for the recruiters to get their jobs out there without stress. The blog also provides articles that would help you in your career path.



  1. Career Enlightenment


The brain of Joshua Waldman, author of “Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies,” the blog educates on the importance of engaging the social media and technology to get ahead in one’s career. Through workshops, articles, and videos, he opens the eyes of students to the many opportunities for career growth through maximising the social media.



  1. Career Done Write


The play on word aside, the blog is one of the best career blogs of 2017. The blog seeks to make normal job seekers into extraordinary job seekers by branding them into a better version of themselves. The blog provides a platform for writing a professional resume, personal branding, networking, executive coaching and interview preparation.


  1. CareerTrends


Founded by Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, the blog is a go-to place for all things that involve career and employment. You need a professional resume, need trends in the employment world, need educative articles that would help you prepare for your interviews and career pursuit as a whole, then this blog is your answer.


  1. Fistful of Talent


Fistful of Talent is a hub of experts in the Human Resources world. It is the home of top recruiters and HR executives, where they drop titbits about for other recruiters and HR executives to visit to help them make informed decisions when interviewing and choosing the right candidates for their jobs.



  1. Jenny Blake


Jenny Blake is a career and business strategist that has taken it upon herself to help many reach the peak of their career. Her blog consists different articles that inspire you to reach your goals considering her personal stories and also articles that answer many questions about careers and how to strategies properly to reach that desired height.



  1. University of Maryland Career Centre


The blog was really created for the students enrolled at the school, to help them make them informed career choices after school. The website provides a clear insight into the steps to take to reach one’s career goals and taking into cognizance the course the individual studied and the career interest of such individual.



  1. MyRightFitJob


The blog caters to individual need by inspiring you to go for the job that is the right fit for you, hence, the name of the blog. Also, the blog also provides points you to making the right decision on having the job that fits you personally. Apart from that, it provides you for interviews through the many articles uploaded on the blog.



  1. Steve Boese’s HR Technology


Steve Boese, since 2008, has through his blog inspired in the matters of human resources and career options. Through different articles on HR technology, he had enlightened thousands of people on HR technology. His blog has also served as a platform for recruiters, HR execs, and job seekers to find answers to their career-related questions.



  1. MaggieMistal


Maggie Mistal is definitely a go-to source for the latest career advice and tips. Founded by Maggie, the site has continuously for more than a decade provided the best resources and guidance to anyone seeking to grow their career.



  1. 45 Things


45 things, founded by award-winning journalist, Anita Bruzzese. The name of her website was inspired by her book, “45 things you do that drives your boss crazy.” Her blog addresses workplace issues that could be useful to both the employer and the employee so as to understand each other for a more conducive work environment.



  1. Alexandra Levit


Alexandra Levit is a writer, consultant, speaker and career expert. She was credited to have said, “I prepare organizations and their employees for meaningful careers in the future workplace.” This saying informs the crux of her website. She has various articles for employers and employees to help them in the workplace.



  1. AvidCareerist


Donna, the brain behind the blog provides a platform for job seekers to improve themselves without wasting time or resources. The blog gives an opportunity to job seekers who need help writing resume learn tips and also helps applicants for jobs proper preparation for the interview while providing the advice that you might need in your job search.



  1. Best Job Interviews


As the name implies, the website is more focused on interviews. This is a go-to website for job seekers. This is because it provides different articles that would help job seekers when they go for an interview. The website addresses issues like dressing, body language, resume, possible questions and the best ways to answer them.



  1. Blogging 4 jobs


Founded and managed by Jessica Miller-Merrell, the blog is a part of a larger community and it focuses on workplace-related issues. According to the about page on her website, she advocated for a shift of mindset and a change from the status quo in career and in the workplace.



  1. Career Builders


Career Builders provide a platform for job seekers to apply for jobs. The website serves as a middleman by sending the resume of job seekers to companies interested. You can utilize this opportunity by submitting your resume to the website and you would be considered when there is an opening in an organization they are affiliated with.



  1. Careerealism


The website was created 2009 and since then, it has been catering to the career issues. It deals with resume writing, interviews, social media and networking with people of like minds. It prepares job seekers so they can be their best at the job interviews and also prepare recruiters for interviewing. Also, it really helps job seekers seek the right job fit for them.



  1. Career Geek


Career Geek is a website that caters to not only the need of job seekers as it regards their personal development and branding but also it provides educational and entrepreneurial news that the job seeker would find useful in his bid to land that dream that job or reach the peak of his career.



  1. CareerrOverview


Whether you are a professional or a student or a job seeker, the website has a wide range of materials that would be useful to you. It provides up to date tutorials, articles, guides, news and information on jobs that would benefit you and also help inform your career choice.



  1. Careers 2005


Careers 2005 is a professional recruitment website. The website is useful to both recruiters and job seekers. If you are seeking a job, you upload your resume to their website and they have several companies or recruiters as their clients who can get access to your resume if you are found to be fit for the job. And if you are a recruiter also looking for qualified candidates without going through the hassles, careers 2005 is your go-place.



  1. CareertipstoGo


Founded by Karen Adamedes, who likes figuring out things that are not working out the way they should or could, the website provides tips, guides, information and insight on how to improve one’s career, to have a career that one actually enjoys and not just endure.



  1. College Recruiter


Students in school looking for extra income or grad students struggle to find their feet when they get to the labor market. That is why websites like college recruiters are available to help students and grad students find their way in the labor market by helping them find jobs or internship they can apply for. It also gives tips and information that they could find useful in seeking their dream job.



  1. Kathy Caprino


Kathy Caprino is an international-acknowledged writer, speaker and women’s career coach. She helps in providing career tips, guides, tutorial and training through podcasts, series, books, seminars, and newsletters. With many years to her credit, her website is a go-to place if you are seeking career growth.



  1. Careercoach


Margaret Buj, the career coach, as said on her website, has helped many secure jobs or promotion they really wanted. As her term suggests, she coaches job seekers and has gained worldwide success through her tips and insights on the secrets of the industry that many job seekers are not privy to.



  1. Job Hunt


Consisting of experts who are knowledgeable on the nitty-gritty of job search, job hunt would come handy for a job seeker who wants to do it right. The website provides a regular newsletter, guide, and practicable actions, information on career choices and job vacancy to help the job seeker get the best job fit for him or her.



  1. Keppie Careers


Miriam Salpeter, the founder is a consultant for job seekers and entrepreneur. If you need help in your career or your business, her website is the place to go. With over 19 years to her plate, she provides insight and tips on her blog that could help both entrepreneurs and job seekers in their endeavors.



  1. Mildred Talabi


Mildred Talabi is an award-winning writer, author, blogger, speaker and career expert who has inspired many through her writings. The author of “seven keys to a Winning CV,” Mildred runs several seminars and workshops on CV writing. If you have issues with CV especially, finding her materials might be useful.



  1. Giraffe CV


Many job seekers have missed out on their dream jobs due to their inability to write a compelling CV. If you fall into this category, the giraffe CV can help you polish your CV and make it the way very professional and compelling, so much it would be enough to sell you.



  1. Reese Alexander


She is a comical TV host and fashion enthusiast who is also known as “the sassy suit.” In her TV show, apart from giving commentary on pop culture and entertainment, she also does a satire of real workplace issues that workers face, bringing such issues to light indirectly, albeit comically.



  1. Rezume Forward


Founded by Cathy Francois, Rezume Forward deals with people who need professional or personalized career coaching. The website provides for job seekers or generally, anybody in need of strategic career planning, resume writing, interview preparation, LinkedIn profile optimization, and personal Brand development through their podcasts, articles, tips, information, and tutorials.



  1. Josh Bersin


Josh Bersin is a writer, speaker, research analyst, author and Human Resources management expert. Although Josh Bersin deals mainly with Human Resources Personnel, those who are not into HR could benefit from him. He provides tips, insights, and information on leadership, talent management, recruiting and corporate learning. He also has different podcasts that advise on career development.



  1. HR Capitalist


HR Capitalist is an award-winning and internationally-recognized Human Resources blog. The blog serves a lot of benefit to Human Resource personnel and also job seekers so as to understand the mind of the recruiters. If you want to improve your job as a Human Resources official, you need to visit the site.



  1. Corn on the Job


Are you having issues knowing the candidate to choose from among the multitudes that apply for a job, do you have issues recruiting qualified candidates, then Rich DeMatteo would be of help to you, in helping you make better recruitment decisions.



  1. HR Bartender


It is a site that is somewhat like a social media site where workers could go to discuss common workplaces issues with people of like minds that would most likely understand. The site was built with friendliness in mind, so it can also serve as a place to connect with other people.



  1. JobsDuck


Of course, we deserve a mention too. JobsDuck is an online job site matching job seekers with updated job opportunities and vacancy around them. It is concentrated on Nigeria and environs. Also, it provides tips, career advice, guides and insights that could help in securing a job and the progress of one’s career.



  1. Resume Writing Service


Every job seeker knows the importance of resume to an interview and the subsequent choice of a candidate. Many qualified candidates have lost jobs due to unappealing resume. The site provides services on resume writing but it also provides tips into other aspects of interview preparation and career choice.



  1. Columbia University Center


Columbia University has a center that caters to the career choices of their students. However, those who are not students of the university can also visit the site. It provides job opportunities, career counseling, tips and resources to further one’s career, and career exploration opportunities.



  1. Duke University Career Center


The center is there for the students and non-students to help them understand career development before they graduate so as to guide their career decisions and help them hone their skills long after they graduate. The center also provides information for job opportunities as well as tips to progress in their careers.



  1. College Grad


This is a go-to place for young and fresh out of school job seekers. If you need advice and direction on all aspects of your job search, college grad is for you. Apart from providing information about available job opportunities that you could apply for, the website tips on salary negotiation, preparing for interviews, writing a resume and making an informed career choice.



  1. Uptowork


It is a platform consisting of professionals who help job seekers with the resume they need to impress recruiters for the job. They have recorded many successes and they have featured on many sites including the Huffington Post,, and the Guardian among others. They also provide tips that would help your job search.



  1. University of Oregon Career Center


The Career Center of the University of Oregon is arguably one of the best university career sites. Like other university career sites, it was created for the students and alumni but others can visit as well. The site provides advice and resources that would come in handy to a job seeker but also provide information for available jobs and internship opportunities.



  1. UpGradeMyInterview


As the name implies, it seeks to help job seekers have better interview experiences to better their chances of getting a job. The motive of the founder, Shea Ki is to help you shine on the hot seat. Following her would help you hone your interview skills and you would be able to pass through without so much as a sweat.



  1. The Wise Job Search


The site provides the best of the best information, resources, ideas, tips, and insight to help you get that job you desire. You also have the opportunity to search for jobs that suit your taste, qualification, and location while reading up on how to get the job you are interested in applying for.



  1. Susan Popoola


Susan Popoola is a human resources strategist, writer, author, and speaker. She has many years, awards and recognition on her side as a human resource expert. She provides insight into the workplace and societal issues that both employees and employers face.



  1. Social Hire


Social Hire is a site for businesses that need a result from social media. The site provides tips and information that could help harness the many opportunities on social media. Also, it provides services to handle your social media accounts for you so as you can get your desired results.



  1. Prospects


The sites can be visited especially if you are a student or a graduate for guidance in making the best career choice. There is provision for taking a personality quiz that would determine your personality and the kind of career that would fit your kind of personality.


  1. Career Topia


Career Topia was featured in Forbes as the place to go when you are trying to know yourself, understand others, build effective relationships and land your dream job. It is a site that focuses on you as an individual and what would work best for you in your job and in your workplace after you get the job.



  1. Brazen


At Brazen, they believe everyone deserves the job they love. Many people are stuck in jobs that they are not happy in, and the team at Brazen have taken it upon themselves to change this situation for people by providing them with meaningful connections and beneficial information that would help them achieve their goals.



  1. Penelope Trunk Careers


Mum, writer of bestselling career advice book and the number one career blog and founder of four start-ups with Quistic being the most recent, Penelope Trunk has made writing career advice for a new generation of workers, just as generation Y, her passion.



  1. Campus to Career


Founded by Kirk Baumann, the site seeks helps a generation of young job seekers in their pursuit of their dream job. Kirk is a social media enthusiast and passionate recruiting advocate who help students especially move from campus to a good job while preparing for the workplace as well.


  1. Allison Cheston


Allison Cheston is a career advisor and expert who work with young applicants like students or fresh graduates to realize their goal of having a career. With her thirty years’ experience in marketing and executive search, she works to make the applicant stand out among other applicants.



  1. TheVoiceofJobSeekers


From the name, it is clear the website is a platform that serves as a voice to the job seeker. The site accommodates the unemployed, underemployed, and unappreciated job seekers and helps them improve their employment situation. It does this by providing tools, strategies, and tips that will help.



  1. Giaganesh


It is founded by Gia Ganesh, who seeks to help high achievers lead fulfilling personal and professional lives. She renders services on career coaching and assessment to help people make informed career choices and help them find perspectives on their chosen careers or direction to a more fulfilled career.


  1. Career Sherpa


The site provides all kinds of advice on job search, careers, social networking, personal branding, developing and improving your online presence. You can find everything that concerns job search and career on the site. There are tips and resources that would come in handy in your search.



  1. Chameleon Resumes

The site has been featured on LinkedIn, Fox news, US news and others. It is a go-to site if you know that your resume and social media profile, especially LinkedIn is not up to par and does not reflect your qualification, then Chameleon Resumes is the place to go to get that polish you need.



  1. Interview IQ


The site was founded by Karalyn Brown, a former Australian HR and recruitment consultant and careers journalist. She was one of those that pioneered using social media to get jobs. She offers seminars, workshop, and webinar for the job seeker to aid in job hunting.



  1. Laurie Ruettimann


Lauri Ruettimann has been named one of the top 5 career advisor by CNN and CareerBuilder. She is a former Human Resources person, influential speaker, writer and entrepreneur that owns a consultancy that offers services to human resources personnel and technology companies. She could come in handy in HR issues.



  1. Lindsay Olson


Lindsay is a founder of HooJobs, a niche job board for the public relations, communications and social media community. Lindsay Olson is a go to help and an invaluable source for anyone that wants information on the workplace, and insight on recruitments or work in public relations.



  1. Resume to Interviews


The site is a platform for a full-service resume writing and career consulting firm. They offer a variety of services that suit different background, nationality, and career because no two different career parts are the same. Provision is made for different choices of resume.



  1. Emmelie


Emmelie de la Cruz believes in hustling smarter. She is marketer, entrepreneur, and author who have been featured in Forbes, rolling out among others. She provides strategies and insights into personal branding that could help build a lasting business or a career.



  1. Unbridled Talent LLC


Jennifer McClure, the founder of Unbridled Talent, is a recognized business or career advisor and speaker. She, through her site, coaches many of the best practices to attract, recruit and retain the best talent for their teams and also strategies to deliver results in their career and organization.



  1. A better Interview


Knowing how the nitty-gritty of interview cannot be over-emphasized in getting a job because it is the most important part of the job search process. Many have lost good jobs because they failed their interview. if you are in that category, this site helps in honing your interview skills to help in your job search.



  1. Ask a Manager


Many a manager is not accessible or approachable for an employee to go to for questions or confusions, that is why this site is here. You have the opportunity to ask those questions and get an answer from a manager’s point of view or you could just visit to read up practical issues from a manager’s mindset.



  1. The Write Resume


The “write” here is just a play on words for “right” but with an understanding that a resume is written. With many years of experience on their side, they can help you with the right resume that would impress a group of recruiters and help you attract a good job.



  1. The Big Interview


It is clear how important interviews are in the processes of job search. If you are skilled and qualified but cannot convince the recruiters during an interview that what is on paper can be practical, it is good as not be qualified. The big interview would help solve the problem of unimpressive interviews with tips, video tutorials, and practical virtual interview software.


  1. Career Attraction


Career Attraction is interested in showing high achievers how to take their career to the next level. The founders, Olivia and Kevin have a combined thirty years’ experience and have learned a lot you need to know if you are seeking fulfillment and the best career experience.



  1. Career Cruising


It might seem like an insurmountable task to cruise through one’s career but it is possible. The site does not only concentrate on career but also in school and in life, you learn tips to have a smooth sail. This is done through self-exploration and planning program that can make you find answers to our questions.



  1. Career Folk


Career Folk is important for people who are interested in career management. The site provides psychological counseling and social media training for clients who are interested in a more holistic approach to career management. It helps with strategies that could help in a job search.



  1. Career One Stop


The site is a brainchild of the United States Department of Labor. Written in both English and Spanish for Spanish speaking people who cannot speak English, the site offers resources for career exploration, career training, and strategies involved in managing one’s career.



  1. CareerPoint Solutions


Careerpoint Solutions helped in providing solutions for career issues. If you need help making sure your CV is up to par, then you might want to visit the site. They offer free services of CV reviews and give you an honest opinion on the changes and improvement you need to make.



  1. Career Shifters


Do you spend days toiling and stressing at a job that you feel unfilled about? Career Shifters want to help you create a shift in your career that would be favorable to you. The site would provide you a step by step, proven approach to a more fulfilling work.



  1. ClassyCareerGirl


The site is not only classy, but the advice and training are classy as well. That is probably why it focuses more on women who want to make a difference in the world. The site provides resources, career tips, and articles that help women who invest in themselves and their career goals.



  1. Endless Job Offers


Endless Job Offers has been featured on, and career attraction as a website platform for career management. The website provides free guides, tools, and tips on strategies to get you endless job offers by building a relationship with top performers.



  1. Glass Door


The site has thousands of companies on their database with their reviews so you can know everything about them. You can get your own salary estimate, find out about the work situation and search for vacancies and open positions on Glass Door. Also, employers can find the right candidate for their vacancy on the site.



  1. Jarushub


The site has a different section as it suits your need in your career or entrepreneurial journey. There is provision for resources on networking, entrepreneurship, investment banking, interview coaching, interview quiz, career management, CV writing, consulting, finding jobs, job test preparation and everything else you need for your career.



  1. Job Interview


Preparing for an interview can take a toll on anyone and most people still do not make it in spite of their preparation because they did not prepare well. Job interview has different provisions that can help you properly prepare for your interview and get that job you desire.



  1. Lindsey Pollak


Lindsey is a speaker, writer, the author of Becoming the Boss, serves as an official ambassador for LinkedIn and recognized as a “millennial workplace expert.” She provides tips on things every employer needs to know about millennials because she believes multigenerational should be optimized.



  1. Ms CareerGirl


Apart from career management and workplace issues, the site also talks about lifestyle, dating, marriage and how to combine work and your job as a working mum. Concerning careers, the site provides resources and tips on productivity in the workplace, job search, and workplace issues.



  1. Position Ignition


Position Ignition is a website where you can get professional advice, tips, and resources to help in building your career in a way that suits you. You have access to materials that help you make an informed decision on different career options and taking charge of your career.



  1. Punched Clock


Sarah Landrum, the founder of the site, is a leading millennial career expert, speaker and writer are passionate about career development. She offers advice on strategies to employ in job searching and also gives tips and insight into career management and making the best decisions for your career.



  1. Quint Careers


Are you feeling unsatisfied, unfulfilled, and unhappy in your career and you have given up, sure there is nothing you can do to redeem the situation, do not despair. Quint careers is there to provide you with latest career tools, job search tips and expert advice that would help launch your career.



  1. The Collective Mill


Founded by Marianna who first started blogging in order to have a lifestyle that would help her find time to do the things she loves, the collective mill has provision for you who wants to do the same. She has resources, tips, and articles for you that would teach you how to make money online and have time to focus on other things.



  1. Undergrad success


Undergrad Success is interested in making sure you live a happy and successful life. It is the perfect site for students, fresh graduates and young job seeker or executives who want to get their career right early in life without going through the hassles the older generation went through. It has all the tips to help you achieve that.



  1. TheCubiclechick


The cubicle chick wants you to live your life to the fullest professionally and personally and since one largely has to do with the other, the site is the go-to place to learn how to do just that. The site provides latest career news and trends and also useful tips for people to better manage their professional and personal lives.



  1. OpenCollege


It is an offshoot of Australia’s online education that has been providing a platform for students for over 100 years. Apart from the online courses that it provides, it is also a good platform for making informed career choices and also meeting people while at that due to the interaction with people of like minds.


  1. HR Examiner


This site is for Human Resources personnel. It serves as a resource center for professionals in the human resources world because they publish reports on the state of art of human resources technology. This information, in turn, helps human resources practitioners think up the best practices and strategies for their profession.



  1. HR Ringleader


Trish McFarlane, the founder is a speaker, writer, the VP of Global HCM Strategy & Product Management at Infor, the CEO of H3 HR Advisors and CEO/ Co-Founder of HRevolutionize, LLP. She provides tips, speeches, coaching, reports on everything HCM and Human Resources Technology that human resources personnel would find useful.



  1. HR Zone


There is hardly anything about or that could be beneficial human resources professionals. Hiring the right candidate and knowing how to manage the workplace is very important to enjoying a productive working environment. Human resources personnel can learn a lot about their craft and profession from visiting this site.



  1. Talent HQ


It is a hub of talented individuals. Apart from the information provided in the site that would help you if you are into the human resources, you could also use their site to employ capable and skillful talents for whatever job you have at hand without limits to the particular industry.



  1. Talent Culture


Many job seekers know the stress and hassles that accompany job hunting and how many times, all the hassles remain fruitless. The frustration can be stopped by visiting this site. The site provides resources and tips that would reveal the recruiter’s mind to you, making you better prepared for your job search.



  1. CareerAlley


CareerAlley is the go-to place if you are one of the many who have been searching for a job without success or you just want to improve your career or change careers. The site gives insights and provides tips for successful job search and information that would help in a career change. It also gives job alerts if you register.



  1. First Job


Many people suffer anxiety and self-doubts in their first job, which is very normal due to the novelty of working in a place for the first time ever. The anxiety, if unchecked can have some consequences. Firstjob is therefore important to help you find your footing through their many tips.


  1. Terrytao


The site is a technical one founded by Terrence Tao. It is a mathematical site for mathematicians and maths enthusiasts who are interested in learning more about mathematics and its technicalities. Luckily, it serves all level of experience; no matter your level, you would find something for you.



  1. Resume Genius


The major problem that many job seekers face apart from preparing for interviews is writing or drafting the right resume that would catch the eyes of the recruiters. Many recruiters have complained about having to deal with badly written resumes. You can employ the services of Resume Genius to help you draft an impressive resume.



  1. Career Pivot


Many people are stuck in a level of career for years without any idea how to move from it and another get too ambitious and want to move too fast in the stages of their career. Career Pivot provides resources and tips that help you make a realistic practical step by step pivot in your career move.



  1. UVA Career Center


The University of Virginia Career Center was created to help students (although non-students can benefit from the site as well) in their career during and after school. It has provision for career advice, job vacancies for graduates and internship positions for the students.



  1. Youtern


Youtern is a site that both job hunters and employers or recruiters can find useful. The site has provision for employers to post job vacancies or internship positions in their organization. The job seeker can then visit to apply for the position. Also, it provides career advice and tips to land your dream job.


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